City of Ember Mural

Welcome to the City of Ember!

Our fifth grade Ember citizens have been very busy recreating the city of Ember.  The mural is split into three sections – the bottom third is the Pipeworks, the middle section is the actual city and the top is what the students thought outside of Ember would look like.  We did this activity in conjunction with our novel study of The City of Ember.

We posted large post-its around the room with each section as the header.  Students got to choose which section they wanted to work on and the places they wanted to create from the book.  The conversations that came from this activity were excellent – the students critically thought about aspects of the setting, plot and characters.  As the students were working, they had their picture taken.  Some of them brought costumes like a red messenger jacket or a slicker for the Pipeworks and others designed themselves with tools.  This was truly a student-led and generated project.


  1. I love this idea! I have used City of Ember for the last 3 years and the students love it – we even managed to skype with Jeanne Duprau one year.

    Where did you find the cut-out for the people? I’ve searched around but was unable to find something similar.


    Lethbridge, Canada

    • That is awesome that you were able to Skype with her. We love Skyping with authors but have not had the chance to Skype with her. Our students really loved City of Ember as well. For the pictures, we actually took pictures of the students in different outfits or holding tools. They had to decide what position they wanted to be in (like opening the door to pipeworks or planting a garden in Sparks). Then, we printed the pictures and the kids cut around their bodies. Instant Ember citizens! I hope this is helpful! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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